All Winner A13 7 inch Android 4 Tablet PC Review

I just performed a search for All Winner A13 7 inch Android 4 Tablet PC on the web and found out that there are multiple variations of this Android Tablet PC everywhere.

The 7 inch Tablet PC with the All Winner A13 1.2 GHz processor, 512 MB of DDR3 RAM and 4GB of internal storage is considered “small” but “mighty” for the price.

For one, the Tablet PC’s processor’s speed its capabilities makes this Tablet PC a good device for Tablet PC gaming and watching movies. The speed and overall performance  of the processor facilities the smooth running of the Operating System, which runs on Android 4.0.

 Order it Now for $87.75



Even though this tablet is far less than $100, it comes fully loaded with the more features

Front Facing Webcam: Although the camera is only 0.3MP, it is just okay for video chat and taking pictures. Video chat is fast becoming one of the key features of Tablet PCs and this unit has it.

Micro SD card Support: The All Winner A13 7 inch Android 4 Tablet PC can take a 32GB Micro SD card, taking the maximum total memory of the device to 36GB.

Micro USB Port: This serves two purposes – one to connect to a computer to transfer files and the other is to charge the device using a computer.

Connectivity: This unit only supports WiFi and not Bluetooth. Connect to the Internet via a mobile hotspot or a WiFi hotspot. These days, tethering Tablet PCs to phones are fast becoming a cost-saving solution to many mobile users.

Multimedia: The All Winner A13 7 inch Android 4 Tablet PC supports the following audio formats: MP3, WMA, MP2, OGG, AAC, M4A, MA4, FLAC, APE, 3GP, WAV and Video formats: AVI (H.264, DIVX, XVID), RM, RMVB, MKV, WMV, MOV, MP4, DAT (VCD), VOB (DVD), PMP, MPEG, MPG, FLV, ASF, TS, TP, 3GP and MPG

 All Winner A13 7 inch Android 4 Tablet PC – Video Clip

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9 Responses to “All Winner A13 7 inch Android 4 Tablet PC Review”

  1. dragos cimpeanu says:

    Does anyone tell me if it function or application of e-book reader?

  2. I’m having problems with the front camera. Every time I try to operate it I get an error message saying “camere was stoped” or something like that.
    Any ideas?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Gustav, Thanks for your question.

      Failing camera applications usually point to a hardware (camera) issue. My advice will be to contact the manufacturer or the supplier if the device is under warranty.

  3. is this any good for games, such as does it have any issues with dragging or anything and also is it true that is supports hd videos?

    • Hi Craig,

      Thanks for your question. This tablet is okay for games and for watching videos – however the processor is a single core. The response time for games with lots of graphics will be a bit slow over time. If you are into gaming and lots of multimedia, I will recommend the Ainol Novo 7 Flame Dual Core Tablet PC which has enough processing power, RAM and GPU to handle games and HD movies better.

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